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What if the person who could further your career was already looking for you?

What if a room full of people knew the exact insight you sought?

What if your knowledge could be someone else’s Eureka moment?


Where you can let your net... work.

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The Situation

At that last networking event you were standing in a corner, munching on quartered carrots and overripe grapes, refreshing your email feed for the tenth time.


But to be fair, you needed a break. You just had thirty minutes of your life hijacked by two narcissistic “me machines” intent on telling you all about their lives and their work.


While your marrow replenished the life that was sucked out of it, you saw a woman standing on the other side of the cheese platter who looked interesting but there is no desperation quite like pedaling a stranger for insight or an introduction, especially when everyone else at the event seems so put together, so connected, so successful.

Too bad she was the key to getting that new job you wanted.


If you only knew.

The Opportunity

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows what you want.


Expertise + Connections + Introductions = Solutions.


Linkedin has made a business for this purpose, and since 2012 there’s an in-person version: Magnet.

It's a laid back networking event grounded in reciprocity, tackling the conundrum:


We all love to help, but we hate asking for it. 

Vulnerability is a pill best taken together.

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The Outcome

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2012-08-06 21.09.52
2012-08-06 21.07.29

The Feedback

The Feedback

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“The best - or in fact, ONLY - networking event I've enjoyed attending." 

—  James  Allan, Director, Mission Media

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That's me. Bassam Tarazi. Financial advisor by day, but seen here, sipping on a sugary concoction of  Fernet and who knows what. When in an ice bar in the middle of the Argentinian jungle, you don't challenge the bartender.

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The Next One


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Can't make this event? Don't fret. There will be others. Enter your name and email here to stay, er, "connected."

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